Hi there!


I am Ashlynn Merrill! In this new chapter of my life, and in the midst of searching for a job (which I have now found) and doing my wifely duties, I needed a hobby. And I needed one that I could be consistent with. Otherwise, I’d get bored, and move on. So here I am.

I recently discovered how amazing ThePioneerWoman.com really is. I read (in a few days) her book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and found a lot of similarities in both our lives. She married a rancher, and I married a rancher. She’s all about food, and I’m all about food. Her wedding date is a day before mine (crazy?). She didn’t have any ranching experience whatsoever prior to meeting her husband, and neither did I! We’re both converts to this lovely way of life. Anyway, my point is: she inspired me that much, to start my new hobby. Blogging. Lord knows if I’ll keep up with it, but like anything, I’m looking forward to doing something new for myself. And I’m looking forward to having y’all keep up with my life! XO