What do you think of when you hear or see the word finished? I think of following through, being done, finally, and what can I do next? Although I don’t have any projects coming up, I am so happy to have finished the last one I did.

I bought this table a long while back (a picture from the original posting), and I wasn’t very quick to get it done. I had bought it at the very tail end of winter as “spring” was coming. The only work space we have to work on any project is our garage, so at the time, it was cold and I was too wimpy to go outside and work on it. As it warmed up, this project got going.

I sanded the top of the table down, and started staining. I’ll admit when I first put this stain on, I freaked out because I didn’t realize how dark it would be! But the more I put on, I just decided to roll with it.

I quite like staining. It’s something you can evidently tell that you’re putting on the work. And that’s something I like to see! Doing the top was the easiest part of the whole table and chairs. The bottom stand of the table was quite easy too.

To be honest, I used a mixture of spray paint and chalk paint to complete my project. I was getting impatient on painting with just chalk paint, and I was worried that I would run out (I totally didn’t at the end). And the chalk paint was pricy, and not available in Helena. So I worked with what I had.

The chairs were difficult. Chairs will really test your patience, ha! I felt like I had, had the table for months and months (I didn’t), and I just wanted it done so we could start using it. So, that’s where the spray paint came in. I made sure to clean the chairs, and get them prepped. I took them just outside of our garage and started spraying away. I got probably 85% done before I ran out of the spray paint cans I had. I was fine with it, because I knew I had the paint to cover the rest. Luckily both the colors from the spray paint and chalk paint matched up well.

Here’s one of four chairs that took a long time! I’m happy with the results though. I didn’t distress the chairs or table too hard, because I figure over the time that we have this table, it would naturally wear. Pictures don’t ever seem to do the actual product any justice.

The finished piece. Ahh. Relief. Finally. Done. Ta-da. It has felt good to be finished with this project! It was something I’ve never done before. There were probably things I didn’t know to do that could’ve been easier, or different methods about doing it, but I’m still glad I got it done. I know it seems like just another one of those “repurposed” things, but I was happy to be able to do something neat for my little home. There’s just a satisfying feeling when you finish something.

What is something you find satisfying when you simply finish?

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