Chance and I are so patiently waiting for the snow to melt. We cannot wait to find more sheds than we did last year! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about (I’m not sure if you’ve been living under a rock or what), sheds are antlers that have fallen off the heads of deer, elk, moose, etc. They are grown annually, so the animal is fine. And Chance and I are really fine, because then we get the pleasure of finding them in the mountains and whatnot. Like I said, we are pumped! We found our first little moose paddle a little while ago, and my man is all grins for it!

We found this antler along No Tell’um Creek. It was a nice evening too, when we did find it. Thanks to daylight savings, we can stay out and hike around longer. Winter is hard because there’s like, two hours of daylight, and cold cold cold. Spring is our favorite because of sheds, calving, and branding. Last year I found more sheds than Chance, and I could tell when he came upon this one first, that he was determined to find more than me this year. He said “I’m already 1 up on you this year!” I just laughed. I love being outdoors. I enjoy hiking around with Chance to find even nothing sometimes. It’s still a great time for us to be together and capture moments like this one!

We’ve got goals this Spring to get out more and find sheds. I’ve got goals to use my camera more and capture more moments like we had this last weekend! It’s a fun year so far exploring. What are some of your goals that you’ve set earlier this year? Did you achieve them yet? What do you have left? I can tell you I’ve got tons to check off of my list!

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