Flying Time!

Time really does fly. I’ve been saying to myself for the last… month, that I would update my blog and post pictures! It’s getting to be the middle of February and I have done no such thing as updating. Ha! My bad. Anyway, here’s what has been happening in the start of the new year!

I have been dipping into baking. I made these bad boys from scratch, and might I add, they didn’t even last a day! They were so good. Are you one of those people that “taste tests” along the way as your mixing things? Because, same. What’s left in the bowl up there is what I literally ate, and whether that’s good or not… Oh well. I’m still here! If you want the recipe for these cupcakes and frosting, find it here.

I made these awesome Grilled (should be called Baked) Cheese Bombers a while back, accompanied by some Campbell’s Tomato Soup, and it was scrumptious!! Just find some Pillsbury Original biscuits, some cheese, and melted butter mixed with parsley!

Cut up some blocked cheese into 1-inch cubes. Or less. I found the first time the cubes to be too much cheese. So, cut the cubes to your discretion. Make about 16 cubes. And then freeze them for an hour!

After the hour, pre-heat oven to 400°. Then, get the biscuits ready. Pop the can! The can should have 8 biscuits ready to roll. But what you’ll want to do is cut the biscuits in half, through their side. Since there’s 8 biscuits, you should have 16 “thin” biscuits after halving them.

Get the cheese ready and wrap the dough all around the frozen cheese cubes. Do your best to make sure there’s no holes anywhere because the cheese will melt right out!

I used parchment paper in a pan, but you can grease a pan as well. Stick the bombers that you just made in the pan evenly. Melt a little bit of butter, then mix parsley seasoning with it. Spread the melted mix over the top of the bombers. Stick them in the oven for about 15-18 minutes, OR until golden brown on top. Don’t hesitate to go longer if you think the dough is still.. dough. I went to 20-ish minutes just to get things baked.

After you get the pan in the oven, heat up some tomato soup! Make sure to keep an eye on your bombers. Once everything is done, dig in! It really is such a simple dish. It’s something different than just your regular grilled cheese sandwich. So enjoy!

Chance and I went hiking with some friends a little while ago and we were smart and did not wear any snow shoes! So we were all sinking up to our knees and thighs. Hikes are always just a reminder that I’m never in as much shape as I think I am. Nonetheless it was fun. I told our friends, “hit me up in the spring!”

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