Twenty Eighteen

2017 was a whirlwind of events. A few great milestones: I graduated college in May, I got married to my best friend in September, and I got a state job in December! Sure, things took a little time but everything fell into place as they should have. I couldn’t be happier!

Chance and I rung in the New Year at his folks’ ranch. It was freezing. It wasn’t even that. It was death accompanied by wind. Terrible combo. It was the coldest cold (if that’s a thing) I’ve experienced in a real long time. And the snow drifts! Biggest I’ve seen in a real long time, too. I was able to bundle up and capture some photos of the family’s horses in their cuddly, furry state. Or, in anybody else’s words, just their winter state. Haha.

The cold didn’t bother them one bit. They are such strong animals. They were also excited that they got to be fed. I would be too.

Aside from capturing some photos, New Years was fun. We played games with family, ate some good mood food of course, and cheered with glasses of Martinelli’s.

Chance and I made some goals. Like everybody else I’m sure. We want to live a healthier lifestyle. Therefore we loaded up at Costco and brought home the goods. Some other goals of ours are to find the biggest antlers while shed hunting, explore all the surrounding mountains and lakes, and eventually look into a house! Like I said before, things take their time, but they’ll fall into place as soon as everything is good and ready. And we are looking forward to it! Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you all the best, A.

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