Food, and Family. Most Important.

Christmas was a success!

Chance and I went to Idaho to spend the holiday with my mom, brother, and some other family. It’s always weird, to me, to drive back through my old hometown. It’s like, “Oh, I lived here for 18 years before.” I’m so used to being in Montana, it’s just weird. Nonetheless, always good to visit home! My family and I actually spent our Christmas on Christmas Eve, because Chance and I had to work the next day. Boo. I know. It was fine. We survived.

We had a lovely meal of course; prime rib, green bean casserole, “funeral” potatoes, and the fluffiest rolls you ever did eat. And I ate more rolls than I should have because now those rolls are stuck on my body! Haha. Dinner was great. My brother took care of the rib. My mom took care of the potatoes, casserole, and rolls. And I just buttered the rolls. Real contribution there. And afterwards we opened presents!

I took a before/after photo of everything neat, and then everything tore up. Classic. Also, sort of hard to tell, but my mom included pink lights on her Christmas tree this year. They actually didn’t look too bad, haha. Beautiful work Ma. You know, if Chance didn’t mind, I’d keep a tree up all year! Anyway, I captured everybody opening their gifts. It was fun to capture their faces (trying to refine my photography skills, haha.)! I would’ve taken a picture of my brother’s dog Mia, but she’s weird and came at me when I tried to take a photo. Oh well.

Before dinner and presents though, we went out and did a Secret Santa gift to a mom who had 5 kids to take care of by herself. My mom got the idea, and then got an address from her co-worker. We dropped off a box of food and goodies, and a pretty holiday wreath. Chance and I ditched the stuff and ran like the wind! It felt awesome doing something for somebody else. It just reminds me that we should be doing service like that more often. Even later that night, we played Settlers of Catan. Anybody who knows that game ought to know it can get a little feisty. But it’s really fun. All you have to do is remind yourself: it’s just a game. Things get said like, “Why did you put the robber on me,” “You can’t do that!” “I’m not going to trade with you if that’s how it’s going to be.” And a lot of head shaking, like the are-you-serious-right-now type. We played it well past midnight, and I was dragging. My mom was practically sleeping at the table. So funny. I’m glad we were able to get a game in before our quick Christmas trip was through.

I love Christmas time. We all know what it’s really about: food. Just kidding. It is a great time of year, to celebrate Him. Even by just saying a nice prayer before the big feast is special. You don’t think about it always, because maybe it’s just routine. But the holidays always make you think about what you’ve got and to be thankful for it. That being said, I’m thankful for everything and every one in my life. Up next, New Years with the in-laws! As I’ve typed this, I have been looking outside at the insane weather that’s going on right now. Snow, snow, and more snow! This is the most snow I’ve seen since my freshman year of college! So hopefully it’s a New Years weekend with the in-laws! Wherever you are, stay safe and travel safe. Much love, A.M.

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