Merry Christmas from the Merrill’s

Well, you know what they say: It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’ve been so excited and in the spirit by getting the Christmas tree up, decorating, and baking treats! I wanted to do what my mom has always done for neighbors. And that’s bake all the goods and give them out! I took to Pinterest a while ago to narrow down what I wanted to make. There’s endless pins/recipes/creations on Pinterest. It’s insane.

I looked at all sorts of goodies, drooling at how amazing they looked. The after thought I always had was, Can I pull that off? It’s not like I’ve ever had to do any of the baking, as that was handled by my Momma. I just ate the goodies, naturally. Anyway, I had a good handful of treats picked out. I settled with sugar cookies, Christmas tree brownies, classic fudge, and white chocolate covered pretzels (sprinkled with crushed candy cane). This past Sunday, I got to work!


I had ingredients everywhere. And I was fine with it! I had a lot of fun putting everything together. Mixing, creaming, beating, etc. Thank goodness Costco has such big bags of chocolate chips, because I didn’t want to run out. Tell me I’m not the only one that doesn’t toss a handful into their mouth now and then? And, who can spot an unusual item on that table? Hint (big hint): I used it for the candy canes.

This sugar cookie recipe I got from Pinterest, which then linked me to another blogger (if you’d like the recipe, give me a shout). I found the recipe to be quite good! As I was making it, the thought crossed my mind again: Can I pull this off? At first it wasn’t looking anything like the pictures this other blogger had, so of course I was worried about what I was even creating. Worries aside, it turned out pretty well! I was happy with the results.

The white chocolate covered pretzels were the easiest to make. And they were goooood. I ended up breaking the pretzel stick in half so that they would fit in the Christmas tins I bought for the neighbors. It couldn’t have worked out better. This is the perfect combo of something sweet, and salty for the holidays.


These were fun to make, once I figured out how to cut them correctly. Even then, I could’ve done a better job. Check out how wide some of the “trees” are, haha. The picture on Pinterest that showed the idea, has better sprinkles and an actual little star instead of a yellow blob. But at the store I was at, this was my best offer. At least you can tell what it is! I just loved this cute idea, and it was fun to do.


Isn’t it funny how Peppermint is brought out more in the holiday season? Aside from essential oil talk, you don’t think to hear about Peppermint in, for example, June. Just like you wouldn’t hear about Pumpkin Spice items in… April. It’s just funny to me. Anyway, I was happy with how everything turned out. I spent all that evening preparing the goods, and I’ve heard great feedback since. I’m very appreciative of who C and I are surrounded by. Happy Holidays!

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