New Job / Another Hobby

I started my new job last Wednesday, the 6th. I am a Client Service Coordinator for the Department of Public Health and Human Services, for the State of Montana. Phew! In other words, I work at DPHHS for the State. I try to spare that mouthful of a title when I explain to people what I’m doing. I pray that they know what I’m talking about so I don’t have to get into too much detail, haha. Anyway, it’s a great job.

I’m in just over a week and my brain you guys… Fried. I’ve had other jobs before, and those were fine. But I have never had so much information thrown at me before. There’s a lot of detail in what a CSC does, and it’s dealing with an actual persons life. You have to know what you’re doing. And it’s a lot to process! And at the end of a long day going through information, my brain was gone. I felt dumb, questioning if I was in the right place. But all the trainers are very reassuring, telling us that we don’t have to know everything all at once. We’ve got weeks and weeks of training ahead that will set us off on the right foot. So I’m glad for that.

Moving on. I got a Canon camera for my birthday, and it was something I wanted for a long while. Just like writing a blog, I wanted to dabble in another new hobby. So I took this picture (laugh now) to test out my camera. I just wanted to show you that I caved into the PopSocket, and it’s a donut so… I love donuts. I’m just teasing. But I am loving that, of course, it’s much better quality than my own phone. I’m loving even more the fact that my camera has its personal WiFi, and I can put the pictures I’ve just taken and put them on my phone to edit and post. Love that. I’m very much looking forward to expanding my knowledge in photography and what kind of shots I can take. Aside from myself.

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