Traditional Weekend

This weekend C, his family, and I went to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort near Butte, Montana. It was so fun! In this hotel is this amazing Christmas tree. It’s outrageously filled with lights, ornaments, and tinsel.

During our stay, we went to the hot pools. C and his family are all about the extra hot pools, which is fine. But, I was cooking alive. I feel like my body runs at a higher temperature as it is, so hopping in a 108° pool is rough. My body gives me plenty of signs to either not stay in for more than 3 minutes, or get out all together. We got up this morning at 5:15ish, and got in the hot pools. We were the only ones for a while. It was nice to relax without anybody else around. While my in-laws and husband were in the hottest pool, I was on the outside of it in a less hot pool. Since it was so early, I rested my head against the edge and fell asleep! It was relaxing. Oh, and the day before, as we were swimming and soaking, Papa C found $20 at the bottom of the pool. I swam over it multiple times. So, there’s that.

At the end of our weekend, on the way back home, C and I went to this area to pick out our first Christmas tree together! And we were slightly underdressed: C was wearing sweatpants/shirt, and just ropers. I was wearing athletic leggings, a jacket, and running shoes. Needless to say it wasn’t our original plan to go tree hunting. But it was great! We found ourselves a decent Christmas tree! I’m ready to decorate the heck out of this tree.

Traveling to Fairmont, and Christmas tree hunting is part of our traditions, so C and I are happy to have spent good time around ones we love. Happy holidays!

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