Friends, Cards, and Babies.

My husband and I had some friends over for the weekend from my home state, Idaho. We were happy to have them stay with us. They came up to check out the town, and to see if it’s a fit for their business, and little family. The word is: so far, so good! We hope to see them make the move! More friends for us! Speaking of friends, we’ve got some neighbors below us in our apartment complex. So, our friends that traveled here, and our friends below us, both have babies. And they are the cutest! Not going to lie, I had a spark of baby fever. But that quickly went away when I heard the crying (sorry friends).

Anyway, we all got together and played a card game called “Cover Your Assets.” If anybody has played that, you know the game can end in anybody’s favor. And let me tell you, the first round, I rocked that game. I can’t remember if it was the second or third round, but people kept stealing from each other left and right. One pile of assets got passed around so many times, it was just stacked. It had all the same assets, and tons of wild cards, which add up to be a looooot. Nonetheless, it was a great night with great people, and I was happy to be in such good company.

Are you ever sitting there in the moment with friends and/or family, and you just get to thinking how special it feels? As cheesy as that sounds, it’s very true. Especially with the holidays coming up, you can’t help but feel all the warm love floating around. There’s a lot to be thankful for as well. And the perfect time to be, too (even though you should always be thankful for things/people all the time and not just around Thanksgiving, haha). I hope you enjoy the little things, as I do. And enjoy all the food this Thursday!

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