New Hobby, (Early) New Year’s Goal

So, if you read “Meet Ashlynn,” then you probably saw that my inspiration for this whole blog business is The Pioneer Woman herself. I’m dipping into this new hobby because frankly, it’s something for me to do in my “spare” time. In the midst of transitions in my life, and job hunting, and just flat out adulting, I wanted to document along the way. But then I sit and think about it even more. I realize this isn’t just some other hobby to pick up. It’s a way for me to journal. It’s a way for messages to get through to people. It’s a way to shed some light on whatever issue or topic I’m talking about. It’s a way for me to be vocal; to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. Now by doing all of this, I will probably hit the backspace button more often than not, but I like the idea that I’m just trying. Am I a writer? Absolutely not. It’s fun to pretend though! Oh, and um.. Happy Early New Year?

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